The Rio Grande Physiological Society

The Rio Grande Physiological Society

The Beautiful Rio Grande Valley

The Region of the RGPS

Purpose of The RGPS

The Rio Grande Physiological Society (RGPS) promotes the discipline of physiology by facilitating scientific research collaborations among members, providing educational resources to physiology instructors at local institutions at all academic levels, supporting students and trainees interested in physiology-related careers, and disseminating physiological knowledge related to health promotion and other topics of general interest to the public within the geographic region of the Rio Grande valley.


03/31/2023 Inaugural Meeting
06/2022 The Affiliation Agreement between The American Physiological Society and The Rio Grande Physiological Society became effective.
01/2022The IRS granted tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3).
04/2021 Incorporation with the State of New Mexico as a Nonprofit Corporation
11/2020The Council of The American Physiological Society approved the formation of an affiliate chapter in the New Mexico-Rio Grande Valley region known as The Rio Grande Physiological Society.